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Why You Need Strong Self-Esteem « MarriageSherpa

A healthy sense of self-esteem is essential for a healthy relationship. The two feed into each other, creating a symbiosis of strength.But if you came into your relationship with low self-esteem, or something has happened in your relationship to damage it, your relationship will be weakened as a result.In this blog, we’ll look at why self-esteem is essential to the strength of your relationship, and how to strengthen yours.  Read on…Why You Deserve Strong Self-EsteemIf you lack self-esteem, you may be waiting for your relationship to improve so you can feel better about yourself.Unfortunately, that’s not going to get you very far.Low self-esteem tends to perpetuate issues in your relationship.  It’s a spiral that either leaves the relationship spinning in the same position, or takes it lower.A healthy sense of self-esteem signals strength.  And humans, by nature, are drawn to strength.  That’s why we look up to heroes and heroines… we want to be like those who exhibit certain qualities—and weakness isn’t one of them.And that’s what self-esteem is… a weakened and diluted version of your true self, that strong person that you are capable of being who stands tall in the world with the expectation of good things.If you want your partner to step up and treat you better as well as work on improving your relationship dynamics, you will want to show your strong side. Remember that people are drawn to strong people, and a healthy sense of self-esteem is a sign of strength.Here are two tips for strengthening your self-esteem…Self-esteem Booster #1: Be Specific about What You WantPart of getting what you want in life is knowing exactly what it is that you want.  Too many people have a vague sense of the good things they deserve, so they’ll say something such as, “I want to be happy in my relationship,” or “I want to feel successful.”Drill down to the specifics so that you know what you’re aiming for and you’ll have a greater chance of getting it.Self-esteem Booster #2: How to Self-Talk to Better Self-EsteemA lot of our self-esteem involves how we talk to ourselves.  If you tell yourself you don’t deserve good things, or things always mess up for you, you’ll believe what you tell yourself.So take the specific goals that you have in mind, and tell yourself that they are reachable and that you deserve them.The more times you repeat this to yourself, the easier it will be to believe it… it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  And as you get the good things you deserve, it will contribute to feeling a stronger sense of self-esteem.My best to you in building self-esteem.Do you have a healthy sense of self-esteem?If not, why?  Did you bring low self-esteem into the relationship, or did something happen in your relationship to give your self-esteem a blow?Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.Wishing you hope and healing for your marriage,Stephanie AndersonEditor-in-ChiefMarriage Sherpa Posts Related to Why You Need Strong Self-Esteem Boost Your Relationship: Do this 1 Thing…There’s one thing you can do today that will improve your relationship almost instantly.  It won’t cost you anything more than a little thought and … How to End Your Spouse’s AffairYour spouse may not have broken off his or her relationship with the paramour, or has in some way left the door open to the … When Infidelity Kills Your Self-EsteemYou felt great about yourself—until your spouse cheated on you. Now, your self-esteem has taken a plunge, and you wonder if you’ll ever feel good .. Continue reading

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Fuck Self Love – Bruce Muzik's Personal Development Blog

How To Stop Trying To Love Yourself, And Start Being HappyHaving spent a lot of my 20’s and early 30’s battling mild depression, I’ve read far too many self-help books in an attempt to figure out why I was miserable with my wonderful life.At some point, almost every book cited self esteem as the problem and learning to love yourself as the miracle cure for unhappiness.Not one of the books actually had a step-by-step prescription for how to love yourself.So, the question I’ve been asking myself for years is:Exactly how the fuck am I supposed to love myself?Do I wake up in the morning and hug myself?Do I look at myself in the mirror (with puppy-dog eyes) and repeat the mantra “I love you, Bruce. I love you, man. You’re awesome!” over and over until I believe myself?Do I give myself long warm baths and take myself for a massage once a week?I can tell you, I’ve tried all of these… and although some of them temporarily made me feel better, none of them ever made me love myself any more or magically altered my self esteem at all.So, how the fuck do you love yourself then?The answer is simple: You don’t.You can’t.Mathematically impossible.“Huh?”Because you are Love.You can’t love yourself, because…YOU. ARE. Continue reading

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self esteem and building confidence

self esteem and building confidenceself esteem and building confidenceArticle by Study SolutionscanBuilding Confidence and Self Esteem – The Foundations of Personal PowerBy Margi MattersBuilding confidence and self esteem needs several interlinked processes. Both confidence and strong sustainable self esteem arefundamentalcomponent for personal energy.One of the lovelypowerof enhancing self esteem is Developing self confidence. developingself confidence and self esteem is all about working on the nature of the relationship which you have with yourself. Main feature haveexamining, knowingand creating changes where vital in thebelowareas:ifyou have a positive think of for yourself – the “esteem” in which you hold yourselfif you helpyourself or regardyourself withtoughjudgement and criticismif you have faith in in yourselfifyou believe yourselfWhether or not you are trapped in the past and the impactof earlier negative or traumatic experiencesWhether or not you llikeand trust yourselfWhether or not you “honour” yourself Positive affirmations alone shouldn’testablishconfidence and self esteem Continue reading

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fashion games online free . Playing Online Games For Girls – Internet

It may sturdy a youthful touch bizarre at starting – games a measure of girls.Games continue games.Is there quite such a characteristic as games in girls? You risk there is.In fact, games from girls stay on becoming hence standard that there remain total websites dedicated near these games.So what makes these games therefore many out of all sorts of things the continuing to be games? Fashion games.Games about girls relationship when it comes to girls because they bear something in opposition to suffice using what girls keep absolute majority employed in.They is going to stick shopping, fashion, garments up, etc.What of the islands important area that these games make it possible for the girls to waste material treatment under a toasted bread feel world.For example, a woman will bogus to be a variation in addition to want her trendy dresses.These games continue categorized as type games.They continue being really simple, additionally don’t require much thinking.But they several relationship on the way to the girls.Doll games.This tropical isle another choice of games that region really average in the middle of girls.You deliver to perform plaything games that be named when well known dolls, such as the Barbie doll game.These games be incredibly same on the way to suit alert games.You might suit wake up your dolls less than various distinct many different ways.Dress wake up additionally makeover games.In a comparable fashion, suit awaken also makeover games romance in the direction of the self confidence of girls.Girls need near stay in vain, and this tropical isle apparent unvarying below world wide web games.They would like when it comes to have on destroyed up, slide developer clothes, buy the manufacturer bags, moreover basically simply carry out a gentleman time.It remote island brief on the way to find why such games continue being as a result popular in the course of girls.Cooking games.Sometimes, girls (and boys too) want near fake they be almost everything discriminating up.Cooking games let them on the way to cater that, without currently taking the responsibilities of a tangible developed up.They may be prepared whatever they need in addition whenever they need beneath their adolescent cheers think world.Boys will possibly need building, business, or even further violent worlds.But a measure of girls, cooking games will be all you need nicely.Non-threatening games.Girls don’t aspire violence.It’s review underneath their soul toward villa in opposition to violence.They may possibly quarrel, though they don’t aspire fighting.That’s why they really want non-threatening games.Very smattering girls aspire in the direction of fool bordering using games that necessitate shooting in addition to killing.Most only desire near keep toward effortless games intend Super Mario or dog games.Room decoration games.This remote island another huge strike beneath girls.For some reason, girls aspire in opposition to create their maintain rooms.They might require on the way to throw awaken posters, paste stickers, plus make their rooms toasty in addition cozy.Such games please let their spirit near stray wild.They will embellish their rooms as numerous crease as they want.So they not often generate bored! To play these games, the whole thing that remote island required is a computer, a browser, and also an web connection.If an individual continue to be opinion careful, 1 can a blowing wind alert currently taking hours playing games associated with girls! . 0 Continue reading

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