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ArtShine: Building Self Confidence

Acknowledge your insecurities – recognising your insecurities is the first step to build your self confidence. Be aware of your head chatter. What does it says in the back of your mind? Continue reading

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Self Confidence: How to be self confident here and now

The curtains open and immediately the gentle buzz of the audience goes silent only to burst into spontaneous and enthusiastic applause as the virtuoso walks onto the stage, bows, and flips the tails of his tuxedo before taking his seat at the piano. He begins to play, and the complex melody seems to stream effortlessly from his hands as his fingers dance across the keyboard…you take the music in and wonder why you ever stopped playing yourself…Another second Monday of the month means another meeting of the board.  You’ve taken your seat at the back of the room, a respectful distance from the very large, shining, and expensive mahogany table – careful not to interrupt the murmured conversations between board members as they take their seats.At the head of the table sits your exquisitely dressed CEO, all powerful in her navy blue suit, every hair in place, deep in her own conversation with the board treasurer.  You know she is well prepared to give her report to the board – you prepared it.The meeting is called to order, roll taken, and the chairman asks for the CEO’s report.  You sit there silently taking notes, frustrated because you know it could be you standing at the head of that table if only…Bottom of the ninth and the pitcher takes the mound.  The camera closes in as the catcher walks up to confer – you marvel at how calmly catcher and pitcher talk about which pitches to use in order to win the World Series.The catcher returns to home plate, the pitcher takes a quick look around the bases.  He winds up, and then let’s go a pitch so fast it seems to disappear into thin air.  When you hear the umpire shout “Stee-rike” you wonder why you never went out for high school ball…Each person questioning why they are watching someone else do something they feel – or even know – they are good at in these examples are asking questions most of us have asked ourselves many times in similar circumstances,“What do they have that I don’t have?”Just what is it that keeps so many of us from achieving goals, living up to our potential, or even simply doing things we enjoy?  What is it that we lack?A great majority of the time it is not lack of talent, skill, ability, or desire – what we lack is the self-confidence to express our talents, skills, or abilities.  We don’t have the self-confidence to pursue our dreams and desires.But what exactly is self-confidence?  More important, how do you get it if you don’t have it?Many people might define self confidence as “believing in yourself” and, to a certain extent, this is true.  However, self-confidence is essentially an attitude.  People who are confident in themselves view themselves in a positive light.  Self-confidence allows one to have a deep faith in themselves and their ability to do what they want to do, achieve what they want to achieve.  Self-confidence is what allows people to continue to work towards their goals and desires even when they experience set-backs.  Self-confident people do not allow their present circumstances to define who they are or what they are capable of.It is an attitude of self-confidence that turns set-backs into learning opportunities and lets less-than optimal circumstances serve to increase the determination and resolve to achieve our goals, dreams, and desires.How is it that some people are more confident than others? Some might think that self-confidence is something you are born with, an inborn quality of your personality.  You either have it, or you don’t.  Others might say that self-confidence is something learned from others.Many parents can attest to the fact that they love all their children and make every effort to show their children the same level of respect, care, as well as provide them with the same quality of opportunities – yet one child will display more self-confidence than another.  Quite often this will be attributed to differences in their respective personalities.It is also quite common to hear stories about individuals who experienced extreme challenges and difficulties – and these stories don’t all have happy endings.  For instance, take two people with similar stories of extreme physical and mental abuse as children.  One child grows into an adult facing prosecution for child abuse, another becomes a pediatrician.Societal, cultural, and religious norms and expectations also affect people differently.  Someone brought up in an extremely conservative religious home may come to see themselves as sinful and unworthy of achieving their dreams or meeting their goals.  Another’s attitude of self-confidence is tempered by a sense of gratitude for, and responsibility to use, any and all of the opportunities and gifts, no matter how small, their concept of God brings to their lives.If people can share the same or similar circumstances and yet one has a high-level of self-confidence and another very little self-confidence OR,If self-confidence is some sort of personality characteristic we are born with, it stands to reason that one just must move forward in life with whatever level, no matter how minimal, of self-confidence they are stuck with.However, we must remember a couple of things.  First, self-confidence is an attitude and it would be very difficult to find someone who has never experienced a change in their attitude towards something.Second, there is a common denominator that is almost always overlooked when it comes to improving one’s level of self-confidence:  choice.Let’s take the example of a child who is abandoned by their father as a child.  One grows up into a self-confident adult and is most often happy with their life.  The other child has little self-confidence and is frustrated with his lot in life.  This situation doesn’t appear to offer the child a choice – but it does.  Each child had to choose between two fundamental attitudes towards being abandoned by their father:“There is something about me that made my father leave me” OR, ”There is something about my father that made him leave me“It is easy to see how a child choosing to believe the first scenario could grow up with a low sense of self-confidence because their attitude towards themselves is that there is something wrong with them.  On the other hand, a child who chooses the attitude that their father’s absence is about their father and not something they caused has a greater chance of developing a high level of self-confidence in their own worth and abilities.In this example we assume that being abandoned by a parent is something that happened to two separate individuals who made separate choices.However, for a moment, consider this child who is abandoned by their father.  That child chooses between the two fundamental attitudes towards being left.  Unfortunately, that child decides he was abandoned because he was not good enough, that there was something wrong with him.  This impacts him well into adulthood.  He does not fare well in his career as he has little self-confidence.  His relationships fail because he has little self-confidence.  He does not pursue his dreams because he has little self-confidence.He feels frustrated.  He feels stuck.   He tries to change his attitude and works hard, trying many methods for “self-improvement” with minimal success.What he does not know is that he has a twin self who decided that his father’s leaving had nothing to do with him.  That twin grew up with a high level of self-confidence in his abilities and successfully pursued his goals and dreams.That twin self lives in a parallel universe.  Sound crazy?  Not if you take quantum physics into consideration.How to be self-confident here and nowWell-respected quantum physicists have discovered mathematical evidence for the existence of parallel, or “bubble” universes.  Additionally, physicists have demonstrated that particles exist in more than one place at one time.  Universes split whenever the opportunity for two or more things to happen exists.  The star explodes, or the star does not explode.  In one universe the star explodes, in another universe it does not.We are made of particles which means we can exist in different places at the same time because even humans must obey the laws of physics.  Whenever we make a choice, that choice becomes the “resource foundation” for another universe to be created.However, those of us with little self-confidence are not stuck.  There exists “another you” living in another universe who made different choices allowing you to lead a self-directed and self-confident life.Watch This video – Tips From Burt Goldman On How To Build Self-ConfidenceUnfortunately, most human beings don’t know how to tune into that parallel universe where we self-confidently work towards achieving our goals and see our dreams come true.  This is where the principles and techniques of quantum jumping come in.  Quantum jumping methods and techniques allow us to tap into the “success dimensions” of other universes.Get unstuck.  Achieve your goals.  Live up to your potential.  There is another you in another universe already doing these things – quantum jumping brings those qualities into your life here and now.>>>Learn more about how to become self-confident and unleash the power of your subconscious mind – sign up for the free Quantum Jumping Lessons HERE Continue reading

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