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Robotics camp helps students cross the digital divide – Knight …

Robotics Camp 2013 – Short Film from Shamus Coneys Films on Vimeo.A year ago Knight Foundation announced plans to put laptops into the hands of young students in Charlotte, N.C., through Project LIFT, a public-private partnership that seeks to improve student achievement. Today, we see what can happen when students have access to technology: They can build a better mousetrap – or at least one made of LEGOs – while also building self-confidence.Knight partnered with Project LIFT (Leadership and Investment for Transformation) because we believe children without tech tools and access to the Internet cannot fully participate in the world around them. Knight’s grant moves them one step closer to crossing the digital divide.In a two-week robotics camp, the LIFT students in the accompanying video demonstrated that they’re taking a big leap over it. Continue reading

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Building your Self Confidence as a Baby Boomer – Empower Network

Building your Self Confidence as a Baby Boomerby Debbie Clark | on June 5, 2013 Building your Self Confidence as a Baby BoomerIf you are a ‘Baby Boomer’ then you are starting to get closer to the retirement age and this may be a little daunting to even think about. You are stressing about your retirement finances or you are wondering if you should work after retirement. You may just be wondering what in the world you are going to do if you are not going to work everyday. Continue reading

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Building Self Confidence – Woman's Confidence – Empower Network

Building Self Confidence – Woman’s Confidenceby Erika Sievert | on June 3, 2013  Building Self Confidence – Woman’s ConfidenceThe Women’s Lounge – Every Sunday night at 8pm EST Live at the link below. To listen to the latest episode of “The Women’s Lounge” Click the link below:http://event-erikasievert.info/If enjoyed today’s post please ‘like & share’ this page so someone else can benefit from it!-Erika SievertConnect with me on Facebook!!Work With Me PersonnallyPS: Super easy way to start making money online with little or no investment — CLICK HERE!If you like this post on ‘Building Self Confidence – Woman’s Confidence’, retweet and comment please!This entry was posted in Empower NetworkTags: Building Self Confidence, confidence building, lack of confidence, the womans lounge, womans confidenceAbout The Author: Erika SievertBack 10 years ago I was interested in the ‘making money online’ scene. I new that people were building home based businesses online and I wanted to be one of them. I just wasn’t sure how to go about doing it. I got involved in different businesses and affiliate programs, but never really made any money. Continue reading

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How to Build Self Confidence | Kevin Hennessy's Empower Network …

How to Build Self ConfidenceIt does not matter where you are at in your life at thispresent time, if you take my message to heart youwill develop self confidence.I struggled with self confidence when I started HighSchool. My Dad passed away when I was 13 andI really went into a depressed funk and it tookmany years to get myself out of it.Take Small Steps to Build Self ConfidenceThe steps that I took to get my self confidence backcame down to faith and belief in myself whichcame with taking action and getting results.Back in 1987 I was an apprentice electrician andI made sure I would learn from every leader I camein contact with on the various job sites.I modeled each and everyone of them and with eachperson I modeled I would extract the best informationand qualities they displayed.I followed this exact method throughout my wholecareer in the electrical business which I am stillin to this day.Have you heard the statement blind faith?You need to have blind faith that you can do andbe anything you set out to be.Autosuggestion Can Help You Boost Self ConfidenceIt is 100% mindset and through auto suggestionyou can build self confidence. You need to createpositive affirmations and even better create Afformationsthat I learned about from Noah St. John.Create WHY positive statements.Example:Why is it so fun and easy to be self confident?Just make sure the statement is positive since itwill work either way and you do not want to takesteps backward.Self confidence is especially important in the homebased business niche. If you are not confident youwill not earn any money.Self confidence helps me grow my business andincome more each month and it will do the samefor you.You have to be all in with your mindset to getresults, there can not be any doubt and self confidencewill wash away the doubtful thoughts as time grows.Taking action will help your self confidence grow, itdoesn’t matter what it is if you do something enoughyou will get better at it.Here is a secret I used when I first started out in myhome business. Continue reading

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Building Confidence From the Gutter | Title: J.T.

Whilst sitting and waiting (and waiting…) for a connecting flight in hell  (aka. Phoenix), I was left with plenty of time to expand upon a few thoughts I have had over the past three days while not actively being involved with the market.In good markets and bad, we, as traders are always battling to maintain (and improve upon) our level of self-confidence.In other fields, self-confidence can be developed through a promotion, closing a sale, learning new skills, finding a new job using previous education and experience, etc.  One common theme amongst all of these scenarios is a state of control.  We are in control how hard we work, or how we interact with colleagues, etc.Interestingly, psychological research suggests that self-confidence is primarily a byproduct of self-efficacy.  Self-efficacy, in layman’s terms, is the feeling that we have control over our actions and the outcomes they produce.Unfortunately for traders this presents a slew of potential pitfalls, as we have no control whatsoever over whether or not we make money (which, incidentally, is why I believe we all got involved with this business in the first place).  Once a trade is on, the only element that we are in control of is how much we are willing to lose on a position.A common misconception is that self-confidence is reflected in our ability to dominate when times are going well.  Quite the contrary is true.Ironically, self-confidence is forged from the depths of despair.  How we handle the toughest of times will go a long way in confirming just how much confidence we have in ourselves and our trading strategy.This is where self-confidence is developed.I have been reading a lot on iBC about traders struggling in this current market.  A very understandable predicament, one in which I find myself a part of as well.  Recently I commented on Rhino’s post and suggested that a potential source of stress was focusing on making money.  Of course, this is a universal stress that all legitimate traders must contend with throughout their careers.A key to building self-confidence is to shift our focus from making money to trading well.  The reasoning is simple: we will never be able to control whether or not we make money.  By focusing on P/L, we are expending energy on something we have no control over and drifting further from a state of self-efficacy all the while toying with our vacillating self-confidence.What elements of this profession are we capable of controlling?We can control how we approach our strategy.  We can control how we approach a trade when it hits a stop-loss point.  We can control our position sizing.  We can control our state of mind when faced with a drawdown or losing streak.  These are only a few of the methods we can use to employ a sense of control over our efforts as traders aside from focusing on P/L.We need to develop the confidence that we are capable of staring down a grave scenario and, no matter what, will follow our strategy and come out in one piece.  Even if we continue to put on losing trades, as long as we follow the rules set forth in our strategy, we can feel like we are achieving some sense of control over our actions.Being able to survive drawdowns within the constraints of our strategy will build self-confidence.  We know that losses are part of the game.  Even some of our best conceived ideas will not result in winning trades, and that is ok.  Those experiences can be some of the most frustrating, but we also have to realize that confidence is built through control over our strategy and recognizing that even great ideas don’t always pan out.Self-confidence doesn’t spring forth through being right all the time; rather, it comes from surviving the many many many times we will we wrong in our careers.One final note.  I believe that starting a blog and actively sharing your trading ideas is a very important step to build self-confidence.  The iBC team has generously given us a fantastic opportunity to share our thoughts with a (relatively) objective and outspoken community of very intelligent people.When we share our trade ideas we are forced to be accountable for our actions.  It’s much easier to ignore a stop-loss and ‘hope’ a trade will come back to us when we are sitting there all alone in front of the screen.  In that scenario, where is the accountability?As I have mentioned many times, we are our own worst enemy.  I can tell you from personal experience that I am much more liable to break rules and deviate from goals when I keep myself insulated from the opinions of others.I make stupid mistakes all the time, but I’m much more likely to irrationally justify those mistakes if I keep them to myself.Through sharing trades and ideas, there is a much greater sense of accountability to our strategy and ourselves.  We all need a plan for losing, if we (directly or indirectly) share our plan, we are much more likely to hold true to that plan and develop a sense of control over our business.That is the general theme I am trying to nail home here: through control comes self-efficacy, which, in turn, is directly related to our ability to develop self-confidence.Figure out how you can exert control over your trading and self-confidence will likely follow.My best to you all.-EM Continue reading

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