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Gaining Self Confidence | NLPiste.com

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, in one of his elctures on psycho-cybernetics, talks about how importnat it is that we gain self confidence if we are going to be success in anything.  He gives us 10 principles to use to do this and we are going to look at some of them in this article.I have always been interested in ways that could help me gain self confidence.  Being a rather shy person it seemed as if this was something that I needed to concentrate on so that I could achieve the level of success that I wanted to have in my life.In my study of psycho-cybernetics, I found that Dr. Maltz considered this as a top priority for creating a self image that would allow you to reach all of the goals that you set for yourself.  I regularly use his list to make sure that I stay on track so that I can take my life and my business to the highest possible levels.The first principle that Dr. Continue reading

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