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Cheer, gymnastics students gain courage, self-confidence

By Catherine HosmanLocal cheer students competed in Fun Cheer Nationals earlier this month in Huntsville. (Courtesy Photo)According to the Webster’s Dictionary the word courage is defined as “the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand fear or difficulty.”It is this definition that gives Courage Cheer and Dance United in Liberty Hill the platform on which it helps to build children’s strength and confidence as they navigate their lives in the 21st Century.“We give the children the courage to go beyond their comfort level and find new experiences they wouldn’t be able to find otherwise,” said Jason Hodges, general manager.Justin Johnson, co-owner with his wife, Lauren, said when they were looking for a new name for their gym, they wanted one that embodied “our spirit and mentality.”“It is the competitive nature of the sport itself that takes some of the hardest events of gymnastics and power lifting people, as opposed to weights, and putting that to choreographed music,” said Mr. Johnson. “We are a performance and attitude based program. We perform as a sport; we don’t just do a routine Continue reading

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