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A Twist on Maslow: When Enough is Never Enough

February 28, 2012 in Brain, Empowerment, Happiness, LeadershipPeople are looking for meaning. I like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, yet I’ve come to understand that moving beyond “survival”, competitive mentality is a bit more complicated than just having your survival needs actually met.Your perception can still tell you that you don’t have enough.I personally have experienced the “not enough” mindset, and it is a “mindset”. Even though the external things are in place, the issue is inner psychological insecurity or “lack” consciousness. According to Maslow, as people have their survival needs met, they then look for ways to move up the hierarchy toward “self-actualization”.The problem is, if one is not aware of how fear can impact their sense of:• Self-identity,• Sense of trust• Their need for belonging…they can still believe that they need more “things” outside of themselves to give meaning and purpose to their life. So you see, reaching the top can be tricky and is not a linear process. Continue reading

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