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Organization provides free clothing for job interviews | FOX6Now.com

Posted on: 1:23 pm, May 1, 2013, by Angelica Duria, updated on: 08:05pm, May 1, 2013 MILWAUKEE (WITI) — When interviewing for a job, first impressions matter.  It’s important to “look the part.”  But what if you couldn’t afford things like suits or dress shoes due to circumstances like homelessness or incarceration?There’s a unique boutique in Bay View that provides suits, dresses, accessories and shoes to those in need.“I was released almost a year ago from Taycheedah Correctional Institution.  With no clothing, no support, nobody to give them that push and build that self-esteem, it’s pretty hard),” said Johanna Alvarez, who was incarcerated for 7 years.She had joined a job readiness program and was referred to Diva/Divo on the 2nd floor of Christ Church on Oklahoma Avenue for a clothing consultation.“I was like, ‘Here we go, another place, picking from out of a bin.’  But when I was in here, I was mesmerized,” said Alvarez.The women’s and men’s clothes closet provides new and gently used clothes for interviews and a few other outfits for work, all for free.“I’m a social worker, and community organization and helping people in need is where my passions lie,” said Diva/Divo Executive Director Michele Billingsley.The organization is now celebrating its 10th year, helping thousands of people, like Alvarez, find that next job.“It was like a 2nd home to me, it was a blessing,” said Alvarez.Not only does Diva/ Divo provide clothing to its clients, it also provides mentoring and mock interviews as well.“Research the job, try to use their language, come up with appropriate answers for those difficult questions,” said Billingsley.The goal is to build self confidence, especially when times are tough, while giving that needed push to get others back on their feet.“If I can do it, they can do it,” said Alvarez.Diva/Divo is always looking for donors and volunteers.  If you would like to help or get more information about the job readiness program, click here. Continue reading

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The Slow Destruction of Our Self-Esteem Necessity of Change

..At our highest self-esteemWhen we are born we have high self-esteem (well at least I assume we do).   The sun rises and sets on us, our crying brings immediate results.  With questions, ” What is wrong with the baby?”  Do they not try to do whatever it takes to alleviate  our needs?  Pretty powerful, since we can’t talk!On the declineThen comes the day when our crying falls on deaf ears and no one comes running to attend to our biggest burning desire.  The reality of the rude awakening and we cry ourselves to sleep.  Slowly but surely we are put in our position or “pecking order” as one might say.  Our self-esteem continues to be challenged within the family unit and then also in school.Others are not so inclined to think we are so wonderful.  The spoiled child usually doesn’t fair well in the real world, although at home they have pretty much control of the situation.As we get older many masquerade around with what appears to be all the self-esteem anybody could desire.  But deep down inside they are fragile, trying hard to please others and be well liked, all in order to protect their self-esteem.Others handle this lack of self-esteem by being a bully, bossy or just plain rude.  They hide what they can’t face about who they have become.Low self-esteem can also come in the form of stealing, lying or even bad habits.  Which left in it’s worst form can result in destruction of relationships with family and friends.  It can also result into financial and physical hardships.Example is the alcoholic that loses job, family, friends, home and possibly freedom.  Or the woman who constantly finds or stays with abusive men.  It is not about picking the wrong man as so much as they don’t believe that they deserve better.If we were raised in a self-esteem destroying family we are subject to repeat it in some way or other.  By finding others to do it to us or by doing it to ourselves.  Many families are dysfunctional and the children have to rise above this to conquer the demons.  I don’t imagine there are very many people in this world that have such high self-esteem that they are not bothered by what others think.  The ones that have got to that level probably had to achieve it by learning how to dismiss the negative feedback.  Of course there maybe some that have been sheltered from all forms of criticism, but I don’t think they are living in our world.  The world we go out and face each day as one stranger to another.So how do you go about undoing the years of damage to our self-esteem.  Perhaps we have to find the cause first, finding the sources for how we came to this point in our life.  Parents usually do the best they can with what they know and if their own self-esteem has been compromised throughout their own life how can we expect anything better from them.  The cycle stops at some point or it just continues generation after generation.Can you stop the cycle? It is possible but you have to recognize the issue first.  You get your self-esteem back by building self-confidence with who you are, what you do and what you believe.  Dr. Robert Anthony has this great test that you can take on  “How to Measure Your Current Level of Self-Confidence With 100% Accuracy”.  You can go to this page and click on the banner and watch the video and sign up for the information.  It is very informative as to where you are in your life and what you can do to change to more of what you really want.See disclosure statementPhoto credit:  FreeDigitalPhotos.net Continue reading

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How Team Sports Aid Development

How Team Sports Aid Development On June 29, 2012Participation in childhood sports can be a very rewarding experience for many children, and can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment. No matter the type of sport, playing on a team can benefit a child in a fundamental way through building self-confidence and promoting mental, physical and social wellbeing. Some of the characteristics that children develop and the lessons they learn through playing team sports will not only help them become good athletes, but will also benefit them in their everyday life.Physical BenefitsTeam sports encourage cardiovascular activity, and therefore offer a great way for young people to keep fit and stay active. Continue reading

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Categories involving Christian louboutin shoes Shoes

Ranging coming from strappy Christian Louboutin Shoes to be able to sexy minimal trunk, Louboutin shoes appear in a number of types. So that you can add energy for the shoes, the particular custom Louboutin involved the particular reddish single straight into his or her style. Because the reddish nail shine had been employed into the single, it may be any unique.Towering tall along with beautiful inside style, Louboutin shoes are getting to be the favored of most females.”I needed to generate something which shattered principles and made females experience self-assured along with motivated.” Louboutin stated.As we are able to discover from the reputation, Louboutin shoes perform provide considerably more self-assurance to be able to females.BootsThe footwear appear in a variety of shades, materials, and fashoins. Ankle footwear could the two include a handful of ins for the top and provide a not so formal type followed by T-shirts along with jeans Continue reading

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