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Building Self-Confidence with Women | Attract Your Development

Confidence can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. When your confidence levels are high everything in your life seems to flow naturally without doubt or fear. However, when you aren’t feeling confident at all, it is very easy to get caught up in a destructive cycle in which minor mistakes take on unbelievable weight, and your performance, in whatever you may be doing will plummet drastically. Continue reading

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ANERA and ROTA Extend Vocational Eduation Program in Lebanon

ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid) is expanding its partnership with Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) to implement the second phase of its Enhanced Non-formal Education Program (ENFE). The two-year extensions follows the successful completion of the pilot training programs in Nahr El Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon.ROTA’s $800.000 grant will support ENFE’s programs that aim to prepare the camp’s youth for the competition of the marketplace. The vocational program includes improved training services for as many as 200 students, remedial education for 600 elementary school students (aged 6 to 13) and extra-curricular sports and other activities to promote personal development and healthy lifestyles for 2,000 youth (male and female).The expanded program targets youth in both the Nahr El Bared and Beddawi camps for training in useful job skills, such workplace discipline, teamwork and interpersonal communication.“The ROTA-funded programs empower refugees to improve their marketable job skills, gain self-confidence and acquire the means to support their families,” explained ANERA country director Samar El Yassir.Training sessions cover services such as graphic design, hairdressing, nursing, building trades and others. The program also incorporates sports programs like football, volleyball, table tennis, chess and running, with paricipants including girls, women and youth with disabilities.“ROTA’s partnership with ANERA is increasing long-term opportunities for Palestinian youth,” says ROTA Executive Director Essa Al Mannai. “Not only are we expanding the number of students accepted into the program but we are helping hundreds of refugee families work toward a better future.”Unemployment and low-wage job opportunities are a major concern for residents of the refugee camps in Lebanon because of government restrictions on available jobs for Palestinians Continue reading

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Bullying – In an unforgiving jungle… survival is the key

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Sharebar One can guess that social hierarchy begins at school where peer boundaries are set, and thus begins the formation of unusually contrived rules to define kids. Here you have the upper class of popular kids, your studious unpopular ones, and the typical tag-along spectators. When the school starts, it becomes an unforgiving jungle … and survival is the key.While pacifism is an ideal notion, it loses its grip in this brutal playground war that takes place almost daily at school. Continue reading

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Building Self-Esteem

Building self-esteem requires nothing less than a willingness to develop and nurture a working relationship with yourself.This may seem like a tall order at first, but in reality it’s A LOT simpler than you may realize.If you stop and think about it, all of the best relationships in your life are built on 4 basic components:HonestyAcceptanceTrustLoveTurn these components into action steps for yourself, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your self-image and increasing self-confidence by reclaiming your personal power—which is key to building self-esteem.So if you find yourself needing a little (or a lot!) of self-esteem help at this point in your life, following the 4 steps below will provide the boost you need to put you on course…Step 1: HONESTY● Be open and honest with yourself.Give up lying to yourself.In building self-esteem, you must be willing to explore and recognize all the self-delusions and self-deceiving notions that have crept into your life.Boldly accept, without judgment, how you feel in any given moment (unhappy, discontent, angry, sad, grief-stricken, etc.) And know that it’s OKAY to feel what you are feeling in that moment. Also know that admitting that you feel powerless and need help is THE most courageous act of honesty there is.When you are able to admit how you really FEEL and consciously acknowledge and internalize those feelings, you are being true to yourself.Self-honesty is always expansive, energetically. In learning to be true to yourself, you are taking the first empowering step to not only building self-esteem but to taking back your power to transform your life.Step 2: ACCEPTANCE● Accept “What Is” in your life.Stop rationalizing, pretending or denying the circumstance of your life.If you can…—acknowledge and accept that a situation or circumstance in your life no longer serves you or has changed—even though you may not like or approve of it.And if you can…—accept that change as an indication that things will never be the same again and now need to be different, you are seeing things as they really are.The same holds true in relationships.When you consciously acknowledge that someone’s feelings have changed or accept that YOUR feelings have changed, you are stating the truth of “what is.” it is also a sign that it’s time for your life to expand and to see it as a golden opportunity.Everything happens for a reason…Welcomed or not, every ending, no matter what it is, or how tragic or desperate you judge it to be, is always a new beginning holding seeds of new and better possibilities for your life.Holding this perspective builds self-esteem rather than diminishes it.Facing the truth of any situation in this way, strengthens you and ultimately sets you free to consider and explore new opportunities and new directions. You are empowered to move forward, to follow a new course, to take different action, and make different choices which in the end, (although you may not believe it at the time) serve you and everyone else involved—best.● Accept who you are EXACTLY as you are.Give up judging, punishing, or making excuses for yourself.Instead acknowledge that you are powerful BECAUSE you can make choices Continue reading

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Building Self Confidence Article

An important part of your self improvement and personal development journey is building self confidence. What’s the difference between self esteem and self confidence? Having high self esteem means that you like and respect yourself enough to have solid relationships, voice your opinion, and live your life the way you choose.Building self confidence has often been associated with negative connotations. Continue reading

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