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Hey Look, More Thoughts on Bike Lanes

You’d think by now I’d have hashed this through.First and foremost I need to issue an apology to the Association for Bicycle Commuting in Red Deer. In my last post I called them myopic. In hindsight, that was an unfair assertion by me because at the end of the day, the Association didn’t go out and paint the lanes on the road by themselves. As has been pointed out – and I did know this but my crankiness got in the way – the bike lanes are the work of a huge planning group that the Association is a part of.So John, Steven, Grant and the rest of the committee, please accept my apologies for throwing you under the metaphorical bus.There is a bigger issue at stake here, beyond whether or not I like the 40Ave bike lane (my stance on the lane itself hasn’t changed). Two days ago in the Red Deer Advocate, former Councillor Vesna Higham wrote that the bike lanes will be a disaster because parents like her need to drive their kids to school at Lindsay Thurber.Therein lies the crux of the problem. Continue reading

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