‘How To Have Self-confidence’- Author Info

epcot floral art figures, self-confidence, self-esteemLee Crockett and his devoted family live in West Virginia in a large house with a yard too often full of deer. He is an avid reader, a part-time editor, and an aspiring author. When he isn’t writing or evalutaing his self-confidence, he may be tinkering with some project online as a professional internet marketer. You may contact him at: Author @ how to have self-confidence .com

Here is an excerpt from his personal site, Mountain View Journal:

Mountain living for me was growing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia. When I was still a boy, my family traveled all over the USA. We climbed the lofty Rockies and the Sierra Nevada range. We spent time in the Ozarks and visited the White Mountains in the Northeast. Vivid memories of scenic heights and wonderful people from coast to coast…..

There were valleys, too, and deserts, plains and prairies, beaches and badlands. All of these distant places had a beauty I could appreciate; seeing them in person only strengthened my love of adventure and the open road.

Every journey and destination has had some influence on me, but my passions were molded in the mountain life of my youth. The New River winding through the valley, the hazy Blue Ridge horizon, the unique Appalachian country music, simple faith, and mountain heritage of my people have all converged within me to help determine who I am. I don’t live on a mountain, but I will always live with a mountain view.”

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