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How To Have Self-confidence: Building Self-esteem One Thought, One Word At A Time
how to have self-confidence book, self-esteemIf you have ever wanted to know more about how to build self-confidence or if you struggle with a low self-esteem, this book offers simple and time-tested principles for developing a healthy view of yourself.

You will learn how to build confidence through what you think to yourself, what you tell yourself, and through the things you say in life. You always believe what you tell yourself. Learn how to gain confidence one thought, one word at a time!

A Review of How to Have Self-confidence:

I found this book really motivating February 29, 2012
By Oliver Franklin
Format:Kindle Edition
“High praise to the author for How to have self confidence. I was bullied at school and this still has impact on my confidence now into my adulthood. This book is very honest and practical and has been very helpful to me. It’s inspired me to have a more positive outlook and take charge of my life and do things I want to do. I found this book really motivating and felt like the author truly understood where people like me were coming from. Highly recommend.”

From Chapter 1-

Positive Input- Positive Outlook
Our outlook on life and our attitude in general both play a large role in how happy we are and how successful we become. Look at two different people: Susan strives to think positively about everything, and so is more relaxed and calm. She smiles and laughs a lot more than Jane, who allows negative thinking to dominate her. Jane is constantly under a load of stress and often wears a frown.

Not only does how you think affect how you feel, it also affects how others feel around you. In short, your attitude helps determine your mood, and in turn they both determine the outcome of your day. There’s no way to live a positive and fulfilling life without first developing and keeping a positive outlook.

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